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making things inspired by BBC's Merlin
Do you love the BBC's Merlin? Do you suddenly feel inspired to knit some gauntlets, weave a neckerchief, make gingerbread wizards and princes, paper-fold your own castle, stitch up a dragon plushie? Then you're in the right place!

This community is for sharing creative, crafty things inspired by Merlin. All kinds of handicrafts are welcome, including (but not limited to) cooking, sewing, costuming, knitting, decorating, jewelry-making, and papercrafts. Show us what you've made, tell us what you'd like to make, share ideas with and ask for help from your fellow Merlin fans!

Please DO NOT post digital arts (icons, vids, etc) - there are plenty of other places to post those. Also, NO SELLING posts, please.

Please DO tag your posts, and place large images behind a cut tag.

Welcome, and have fun!