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Merlin & Arthur dolls

I crocheted a Merlin doll and an Arthur doll. Merlin has been finished for about a year and 5/6 months and Arthur was finally completed a few days ago (he was shirtless for about a year).

I thought I should share them with the fandom.


Merlin and shirtless Arthur:

Merlin and Arthur:
Photobucket Photobucket

They're a bit odd looking because my evil bitch of a Yarn Monster was all, "Pattern? We don't need no stinkin' pattern!" She refused to listen when I tried to argue that we really did need one. Oh well, they're still kinda cute. Merlin is probably going to be given a better shirt and a belt eventually (Arthur will likely get a belt too), but for now, both dolls are finished.

This will likely be x-posted in a few places, so I apologise if you end up seeing this several times.


Oct. 12th, 2011 04:43 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D ♥♥♥